Pre-Employment Screening

This is the process used to verify the accuracy of the applicant’s information in the CV. This includes identity, education background, employment history, criminal check, social media and credit check. Good management of a company begins with good hiring process.

Who needs pre-employment screening


Who needs pre-employment screening

  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Managing Directors
  • Managers
  • Full Time Employees
  • Temporary Workers

What is included

Identity Check

If a potential employee is misleading about their basic identity details, there may be more misrepresentations to uncover. That’s why we recommend identity checks as the foundation of any background check.
Our verification specialist confirms that the document and information therein is accurate. We also provide a passport validation check, which involves confirming that an individual’s passport appears on the database of government issued passports and is completely valid.

Education Verification

We will verify that the candidate did or did not receive the degree, diploma and certificates at the institute stated.

Professional Membership/ License Verification

We will verify that the candidate is a member of the professional body and is licensed with the licensing board as indicated in CV.

Employment History Verification

Leave the time consuming task of calling current and previous employers to our verification specialist. We will find out information such as dates, position, roles and responsibilities, salaries, reason for leaving and eligibility for rehire.
Some common inaccurate information include:

  • Dates of employment extended to cover job changes
  • Position, title or responsibilities exaggerated
  • Employer listed is fictitious.

Credit Checks

This check is recommended for candidates who are applying for financial position and it reveals their credit score and repayment history.

Criminal Record Search

Even the seemingly perfect candidates can have a criminal history. Our specialist search through the different databases to find out if your candidate has been convicted of any crime and this include National Criminal Database and Global/ Domestic Terrorist Watch List Check.

Social Media Search

This search reveals if the candidate has been contributing useful information to the social media pages and how they present themselves to the public.

Gap Analysis

From the employment history, we find out if there is a period the candidate was not employed and our team will find out what the candidate was doing during that time.

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